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BullPen Productions

About BullPen

BullPen Productions is an emerging Canadian theatre company with a focus on new contemporary works and the merging of art forms.

Imagine the charge of the bulls in Spain.  It’s a huge festival and the anticipation is palpable in the streets.  Even the onlookers are actively involved; their loved ones, their neighbours, their friends are participating in the charge.  The tension builds and we’re safe only until the bulls are released.  This is entertainment as life and death, making us actively participate in the event.  I think all theatre should have that aspect in that there should be the potential of danger, of breaking through the well-constructed barriers of our everyday lives in order to experience something new, whether it be uplifting, humorous, or terrible.  Let the bull break free and take you on a journey.


Founder & Artistic Director

Katherine Turnbull founded BullPen Productions in 2012 as a means of creating and developing new work.  Since its inauguration, BullPen hosted acting workshops (to educate and train), workshopped new productions (to create and develop), and toured those productions throughout Canada.

After graduating from the BFA Acting Programme at the University of Windsor, she picked herself up and moved to Montreal QC (she is now a proud Montrealaise).  An actor by training, Katherine is also a writer, dancer, and storyteller, who also occasionally tries her hand at direction.  She created and performed in Field & Flight, a one-woman-show about an 85 year old woman who uses botany and ornithology to deal with, and escape from, her physical and mental decline, which BullPen Productions has toured in Montreal QC, Picton ON, and Winnipeg MB.

As Artistic Director, Katherine continues to take the bull by its horns and lead BullPen Productions onwards and upwards. 


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